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Bogo City Political Fireworks

Bogo City

In Bogo City a barangay captain has been arrested.  It appears she is an ally of Rep. Benhur Salimbangon who is at odds with Bogo City Mayor Celestino Martinez Jr.  The mayor and the representative have a long history of disputes.  Disputes, I will not wade into. I like living in Bogo City.  It is also illegal for foreigners to engage in the…

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League of Cities Heats Up The Debate

Trike Driver in Bogo

The League of Cites applied some fuel to the cityhood issue as implied impeachment warnings to the Supreme Court Justice have been aired. Will Bogo City remain a city?

League of Cities Will Appeal Bogo Cityhood

Family in Bogo City

Will Bogo City and 15 other cities in the Philippines remain cities? The next ruling is crucial for those living in Bog City.

The supreme court has reversed itself on this case several times. All votes have been close and one was even a tie.

The League of Cities is preparing to file a much expected appeal.

Brownout in Bogo 2-19-2011

Battery Powered Fan

Living in the Philippines means you’re going to have electrical outages. Where you live depends on how often they will happen. We have too many in Bogo City.

Living in Bogo City

Bogo City Philippines

I have been living in Bogo City for about three years. Bogo City is a wonderful little city in Northern Cebu. It is safe and clean.

Bogo City Will Remain a City

Seal of Bogo City

Bogo and 15 other cities in the Philippines have been involved in a legal battle with the other cities of the Philippines. The court has again ruled on the case.

Murder in Bogo City?

Man Playing Guitar in Bogo City

There was a Saturday night shooting in Bogo City leaving one man dead and three being held pending charges.

Brownouts In Bogo City


Today about 9:10am Bogo City and probably all of Northern Cebu Province was without power for about two hours.

A Bank Scammed In Bogo City

bogo city filipina

Woman pretending to be a doctor and Bogo City mayors daughter scams a bank out of P75,000

Pusher Arrested In Bogo City

Bogo City Anti Crime Task Force

On Tuesday, the son of a high ranking security official in Bogo City was arrested after his home was raided by local and provincial police.